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I've been drinking since I was 14 (39 years). I've hurt fam

I've been drinking since I was 14 (39 years). I've hurt family and friends pretty bad and am to the point where I have to stop drinking. I havent had a drink since 9/20 (21 days). All of my friends drink who I've told I'm not drinking anymore. I'm sad because they aren't inviting me anywhere now that I'm not drinking. Has this happened to anyone else where the people you thought were your friends really arent?

Oct 11

Yes. And it was a blessing in disguise. It hurt for awhile because i thought these people were my true friends but then the pain left. I started looking at it as "they didn't leave me, I left them" and I did it for a greater purpose. A happy life. You put yourself in conditions you need to succeed and you will get it my friend. Instead of thinking about what you don't have. Think about what you want. Be around people that are doing what you want to be. And you will get it.

Oct 11

Thank you for your comment :) I just don't think at this point I could hang out with them and not drink. It's time to change my social life :(


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