Is there a nice way to confront an alcoholic friend? He was

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Is there a nice way to confront an alcoholic friend? He was having pain on his upper body and went to the ER. Doctor told him, not to go cold turkey but that he needs to slow down. He went away for 4 days to see his friend, he drank from morning until night! So he’s using travel as an excuse to drink being on vacation mode. He’s talking about going there again soon like less than a month. I can’t watch him kill himself it’s just too heartbreaking! He goes to a nice place and mostly stays Inside and drinks! No exploring except for a few hours by car one day. He wants us to go, but I can’t sit inside all day. I can do that at home. He has to help himself but I don’t want to sit around and do nothing

Jan 21

It sounds like he is in a very dangerous place. He does have to help himself but you can be a positive support. Tell him how you feel, how worried you are, and how his actions effect you. You might make some suggestions to help him get treatment and to detox in a safe environment. Explain that you can stay by his side to help him but not to watch him die. It is a difficult and heartbreaking spot you are in. Sending you strength and support!

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Jan 23

@Yankeegirl77 .. The nicest way to talk to an alcoholic is to be very honest and direct. No beating around the bush.
Straight from the heart, with brutal honesty. I'd also recommend a program called Al-non for yourself. That program can really help you. Have you ever heard of it or attended a meeting? It's for people who are experiencing problems with an alcoholic they care about, whether it be a family member, co-worker, relative, etc .. I've seen that program change people's lives for the better! Good luck Yankeegirl77!


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Jan 23

I say its not your job to confront this person with drinking. A person doesnt just quit one day and go on with life. Yes, be there to support him. Stay away from this person if you dont like the behavior and dont go on this trip as its not what your interested in doing.


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