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i'm still not ready to quit/take a break yet. i'm getting fr

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i'm still not ready to quit/take a break yet. i'm getting frustrated with myself but i know i have to be ready or else it won't work. it's also hard when you have no support system irl

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Oct 10

That purely amazes me. Was LSD used as an experiment, administered by Doctors?

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Oct 10

I'm not 100% sure DT ...I think by a dr, but not positive.
I've done LSD, but not to get sober :). That's probably why I can't remember sh@t at age 56!



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Oct 12

@Ducktape yep google "bill w lsd". he truly believed it could help people quit drinking because it causes a "spiritual awakening" to even the most cynical alcoholics. and yes it was administered in a VA hospital. LSD was first created as an anti-depressant after all! i love acid trips and they really do help me find out a lot about myself, and after one particular trip i stopped drinking for 3 months! but the mind is tricky, and addiction can find its way back to you if you let it (obvs i did)


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