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I'm really depressed and cannot get myself away from treatin

I'm really depressed and cannot get myself away from treating it with alcohol. Some days I even wake up looking forward to the evening when it's time to start drinking again. I'm functional so no one sees the struggle really. I don't have a single friend on Earth to talk to and cannot afford therapy so I'm trying this out. I'm probably going to regret putting this statement out on the internet though. Is there a way to chat with someone or do I just post this and then people tell me they understand and give general impersonal advice?

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Aug 7

Drinking used to be the only think I look forward too, but now I just buy smoothies at wawa. It's not an easy thing to give up, but it's worth it.

Aug 8

@christen333, I'm glad that you reached out and that I get to meet you. Sorry to hear that you are going thru such a difficult time. so many people have pain they stuff deep inside them and then try to cope with it in many ways. I personally have suffered and overcome 3 deep depressions. I understand what its like. besides looking forward to alcohol, what other things have you tried to counteract the down moments? Seeking a counselor is important. Are there any income based agencies that you can go to? May I suggest a few proven techniques? Step outside for fresh air and sunshine, certain foods we eat helps, listen to soothing music, drink water, keep a record of what is the trigger and how you get thru it. take deep slow breaths and drink water are the top ones for me. there are many more. Hope this helps. believe in yourself, I do. hugs :)

Aug 13

@christeen333 thinking of you... hugs :)


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