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I'm killing myself with alcohol! I'm too afraid to go withou

I'm killing myself with alcohol! I'm too afraid to go without because I have been drinking every night for the past 35 years, but once I have one glass of wine the whole bottle is gone within an hour. I need a plan. How do I change such a deeply ingrained habit and addiction? Please help.

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Nov 13, 2017

Flotsam You definitely need help for the medical problems that will result from stopping, preferably at a detox center. They might allow someone(s) from AA to offer support while at the center. I thought I was a totally hopeless case but have been sober for years now. I felt somewhat better right away. I didn't have to detox but you might find that after detoxing you feel better right away. If you choose some route other than AA at least be sure to try to help others, preferably other alcoholics. The real question is: are you done fighting the fact that you need to be sober for your life to get better and ready to get help?

Nov 13, 2017

Thank you for being willing to start looking- I agree that it is something that is hard to do on your own without resources. Learning everything you can is a start, your Dr. can also help but I think ( I may be wrong for the US) but most treatment centers do not need Dr,referrals, and many have payment options if there is no insurance. It is important to be prepared not only for the physical symptoms but for all the mental stuff as well. AA is a good place to start. Many Blessings

Nov 13, 2017

You could try to cut back a little each day. Have one glass less each day. If you can. Do not try to stop completely on your own. because of what alcohol does to our gabba receptors stopping without medical administration of another drug, believe it or not, will cause serious problems including seizures, hallucinations, a whole slew of problems


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