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I'm feeling thankful for living a sober life! Today at age


I'm feeling thankful for living a sober life!
Today at age 57, I watched my son play a baseball game, and then my daughter, who plays AAU hoops, had 2 games I saw ...great to be there to watch, and see them playing with there friends ..I played a lot of sports when I was young and played HS sports as well my junior yr in HS I was an alcoholic kids, who are 15 and 12, so far have been tremendous kids son in HS and my daughter in MS ..I'm sober quite a while, and these are the gifts my higher power has given me! ..I've survived being an alkie, and 2 bone marrow transplants from some lymphoma I've been battling over the yrs ..I was brought up thinking negatively all the time ..the challenge in sobriety, is trying to reverse the old way, with a new way of thinking ..easier said then done right? ..I've lived an amazing life because of not drinking ..when I was 2 weeks, 3 months, 9 months, 1 1/2 yrs sober ..I never would have dreamt my life going the way it has after all these yrs ..I have a lot to be thankful for!
This last attempt I made to quit back in August of 1990 , I had no faith what so ever back then ..everything in my life was a terrible mess, all because of booze think that I'd never drink again from that day on ..toughest thing I ever faced at age 29, was trying to get sober for the zillionth time track record with staying sober, was one of constant failure ..

Keep the faith


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Jun 6

Thankfully, I have not had any type of cancer. Just a bipolar alcoholic who has enjoyed porn. Working hard on all three, one day at a time.

Jun 14

Thanks for asking. I did not have cancer. I struggled with bulimia since age 13 and am now almost 60. I was bulimic for six years before I ever heard the word and never got help until I was almost 30. Not until I became a surrendered believer in Christ in my early forties did I understand that it was a sin. God has been so merciful and your post, again, reminds me that I must stay focused on Christ and my relationship with Him and others, working the 12 steps faithfully, and being thankful. Blessings to you today!

Jun 16

My husband has been sober, with a couple set backs , for a year. Thanks for your pep talk. You have awesome value. Youre an awesome person. Best to you.


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