Happy 2020!!!
"The best is yet to come."
-Frank Sinatra

I went out to the movies a few nights ago, and had dinner wi


I went out to the movies a few nights ago, and had dinner with my sister and had just one cocktail... and didn’t even feel like finishing it, this has been the second cocktail I haven’t finished just from being turn off by alcohol ever since my last crazy night about maybe three weeks ago I wanna say, I’m happy to say I don’t feel the need to go out this weekend, and I am happy I have been having self control my limits.

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Aug 12

Good start darkwine...I posted a reply to you on Saturday but don't see it here....anyway, glad you are working on things and hope you keep it up! Funny how self control can not only help our self esteem but our spirit too huh?

Aug 13

Congratulations on your progress! Keep up the good work! Have you been looking into any recovery programs like AA or Celebrate Recovery? A twelve step program has helped me to continue to stay on the road to recovery and health. Please keep posting to tell us how you are doing!


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