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I used to drink 5 nights a week and now I'm down to 2 nights

I used to drink 5 nights a week and now I'm down to 2 nights. However when I drink I feel so bad I let everyone around down. Does anyone know of another group other than AA I can get help?

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Nov 13

there is another recovery program that takes a little bit more of a scientific approach. its called smart recovery. http://www.smartrecovery.org/ here is the website. there are some similarities to AA. sometimes the AA meetings are just a good place to go for support. after all many people drink because they are avoiding emotional problems. you can go to those discussion meetings and for the duration of your talking time you can gossip, vent, dump all over them, and get whatever is bothering you off your chest

Nov 22

@Ducktape so they need a token alcoholic? lol

Nov 23

Lmao........Exactly! I remember the fear of who might see me in a meeting and think I'm a drunk. After all, when I said the word alcoholic, I always thought of skid row. However, it never bothered me, all the times I made a complete fool of myself in public. The hospital staff is off the hook. There is a national Nicotine Anonymous, all the materials are printed. All they have to do is plug in and form local chapters. "Whew! That was a close call., lol."


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