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I have have been stressed ,angry and white knuckling it the


I have have been stressed ,angry and white knuckling it the past few days after a fight with my son which led me to choose to drink last Thursday. I am very co-depented with him. This morning I decided to stop the pity party and try to find good in this day. I took a walk listening to upbeat music on my way to his house to watch gbabies and I can feel and see the difference it made. My gbabies were feeling my stress and unhappiness and there for where uncooperative and difficult. Today they/ I can feel the difference. Working on my co- dependency and not taking everything personally but boy is it hard.

Jul 12

It is hard especially when you are trying to deal with addictions. Seems we become hypersensitive. The great thing is you are trying so hard to change your life.


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