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I felt so good today while I was standing in my kitchen maki

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I felt so good today while I was standing in my kitchen making a salad. And when I heard somebody talking about a "hangover," I thought *****.. I'm so glad I don't have to worry about that.

So it's Friday night and some of my neighbors have decided to "turn it up." So I'm listening to the music (its LOUD) and knowing that if I went over there 4 a few hours of drinking, it wouldn't be worth a hangover the next day and probably not feeling good the day after that either. You know.. I like was so clear on that. Good motivation to stay the course.

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Mar 10

I am glad to never have to deal with a hangover either. I was talking to my husband about it we both don't drink anymore.

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Mar 10

@jennipain It's a feeling of relief isn't it.

My mother posted a picture of my father in Cabo a week ago having a margarita for breakfast. She thought it would be cute. She wanted to show everybody that she was having fun . But my dad's an alcoholic . Everybody knows it but nobody ever says anything. So ... He looks pretty beaten up and of course people were commenting on her picture about it. She was pissed because she was trying to show how they were having such a good time but he's an alcoholic and he's in another country drinking a margarita for breakfast? You know he's hungover.

He looks hungover and that's not fun. . I was shocked but I didn't say anything. But what I was thinking was what I just said.

She tries to make his drinking a joke and she doesn't get it because she's not an alcoholic. But no one else thinks it's a joke.

And I know how he's feeling and I don't care where you are, if you don't feel good... you're not having fun.

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Mar 12

I am glad you are in a better period of your life now @Jdavis5933 even if you miss your driving license. Some times quietness can bring peace too. As for your dad, if you are with an alcoholic either you have to leave him or to deal with it, and I guess your mother tries to deal with it in a way.


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