I don't know if I want to go to al anon tonight. Me and my b

I don't know if I want to go to al anon tonight. Me and my boyfriend are good and he's back on track with his drinking. Meetings make me depressed and I don't want to damper my good mood.

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7 hours ago

Oh I know that feeling. When things are good you really want to keep them good because you know when they're bad how much it sucks.
I started going to A.A. when I was 19 and for a while it was really helpful.
Now that I'm 40 , I know all about A.A so I know that it is helpful and it's scary at the same time.
I don't know about the Al-Anon side because I am the alcoholic.
I know that a year-and-a-half ago I had an accident, a car accident and was arrested and charged for a DWI. My mom said that she was going to go to Alonon and I would todaygo to A.A.
Neither of us have done either one. I believe that if you go in to a group with the awareness that it can be helpful but you don't want to be weak to the point that people will actually take advantage of you, it can be very helpful. It's hard. I'm in a small town. So the groups are small. Everybody knows each other. Then if I want to go to a different place, I have to drive in all kinds of traffic and it takes a long time. And that's discouraging for me.

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7 hours ago

When it comes to a true alcoholic and someone who is with that person, and not an Alcoholic, I personally believe that a good support group, whether it's A.A. or some other kind, is crucial, because alcoholism is a lifetime disease in my opinion. Without an outside support, it festers and comes back again and again.
The non Alcoholic never completely understands this.
My own mother and father are a clear example for me. I'm 40 in my forties and my dad still drinks and my mom is still the enabler. She does not know him like I do and she's been married to him all these years. She does not get it. He tries to stop drinking and then he starts back and says he's going to drink one drink a night and she believes that. Because she is not an alcholic.. I take after him and his side of the family. Addiction in general .. is the name of the game and the struggle.
I think you should go to a meeting very very soon.

3 hours ago

Meeting aren't that helpful. They just make me depressed.


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