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I am not doing well, alcohol really has a hold on me, I know


I am not doing well, alcohol really has a hold on me, I know I need to quit drinking but I am not having any luck. I have been through rehab twice and don't see the point in going a 3rd time.

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Sep 14

It can take quite a few times before sobriety sticks for good. Gosh , it took me years. There is a saying that I like~~~~ " never quit quitting "

Sep 14

Hey mao .. I know how you feel ..
I've been through a lot myself (13/14) I've lost track ..
The bottom line for me was, that I needed to make a personal commitment to myself to attend AA on a regular basis .. In my mind, I knew AA was the answer for me if I wanted to change my life around for the better .. It was easy staying sober in a controlled environment .. they told me when to eat, when to go to bed, etc .. the tough part or the challenge is when you leave these institutions, can you take responsibility for putting the effort into sobriety .. it was the hardest thing I ever tried to do, quitting drinking ..
But like jdonna just shared, never quit quitting !! ..
Maybe another rehab isn't the answer, but possibly going to a self help group is the answer?
Whatever you decide, it can be done! I quit in 1990 at age 29 yrs old .. After lots of rehabs, detoxes, shelters, etc ..

Keep the faith


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Sep 14

Just a thought to share, just find a quiet place you can think and reflect on how much damage drinking causes and has caused you. Really evaluate everything and realize how badly you desire to stop, realize how much you hate the hold it has on you, how much you hate to be under its control, and how much you hate it taking up you time and energy, you are a better human without it. You will enjoy and find life without it. God can give you the strenght to quit. I hope this helps. Get well


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