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I am new at this never done this before. I didn't even think

I am new at this never done this before. I didn't even think I had a problem. Until I got into a new relationship. Everytime I drank I get very nasty toward my boyfriend. When I am
Not drinking we have a great relationship. He told me either him or the alcohol I told him it was him. But then I started sneaking around and drinking I even hide alcohol . I do need help. I am an alcoholic

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Oct 19

Learning a lot in my AA meetings. Very helpful. Also whatelse I am learning I am having more people walking out of my life. It's because I am improving my life by not drinking. Life shouldn't be this complicated. It just teaches me that when I was drinking ( I only had drinking friends) but once the boozes are gone so is the friendship. Sad truly sad! On a good note I am meeting new people at my AA meetings

Oct 19

I always got a kick out of being in a group of drinkers and how uncomfortable, my not drinking, made them. lol. Yes, we have to let go of old friends and old behavior. When we stop drinking, our friends don't see us as fun anymore. Good for you! Nothing like a piece of pie with a new friend right after an AA meeting.

Oct 20

@Victoriamaxx You probably could use B vitamins.


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