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hi, this is my first time doing something like this but i co

hi, this is my first time doing something like this but i could really use some help. I'm too ashamed to tell my family about my alcohol addiction and am trying to work through this on my own. I'm well aware that i should be honest with them for moral support, but i just can't do it. I'm at my wits end with this, i hate that it controls every aspect of my life, everyday, all day, i just want to have my life back. in yet another attempt to quit, i have recently found out about naltrexone and have been reading about, I'm wondering if anybody has any experience or advice on taking it. Thanks

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Dec 6

Well, i haven't started quitting yet, but I've known I've wanted to for a few years now...i feel like if i don't so it now, it will really control me for the rest of my life. however, like you, i still for some unknown reason enjoy drinking, until the next day that is... i don't know how to stop either, i guess just go day by day...

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Dec 6

@janinder0204 yeah. I'm on a path that if I don't stop while I can, then I might not be able to. My tolerance level is getting a bit too much. I have to drink alot to get buzzed or drunk. And if I don't drink steady I'll be sober in an hour. And I hide it, and give myself the "rules". I don't get drunk with my girl around..maybe buzzed or wait til she's asleep. I drink at home. It's cheaper, and I won't be driving. I don't really like going to bars anyways..and if I do go..i usually don't have to worry about driving home lol. Ah but where I get myself in trouble is drunk texting..smh. I don't drink to socialize. I drink so I won't cry.

Dec 8

AA really helped me A lot! It's good your not driving and staying sober with your daughter around though.
Antidepressants may help with your depression, they don't usually work if you are drinking but you can give it a try.


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