Hi guys, I would like some advice on the drastic effects of


Hi guys, I would like some advice on the drastic effects of alcohol on a persons personality or demeanor. Alcohol is a depressant and that is pretty much all I know. Does the effects of alcohol bring out who a person really is? The thoughts and actions that they are suppressing? In this case it is really a Jekel and Hyde thing, he is charming and generally considerate of others while sober, but even after one (high AC) beer he turns in to idk what ....the spawn of the devil is the most accurate way I know to describe it. You may think I'm crazy but others have said this about him as well...his eyes even change. It's like he swallows a dark cloud that radiates through him and his eyes get dark and silly as it may sound, they scare me. I've battled with it's just the alcohol, but his other addictive behaviors and personality traits have made me consider Narcissism. He is tolerable and we can make progress while he has sober sprints though...that is why I am so confused and concerned on what to do. I have quit drinking all together, I use to drink socially and wine with dinner occasionally. While with him my own drinking became excessive, I noticed I was drinking more to just tolerate him, then it turned into ok I will drink half of those so he doesn't go off the deep end...none of which worked. I really miss a good beer, I like the taste of craft beer and pairing wine with good food, a joy that I have chosen to give up to support him. Why do alcoholics drink? What is it that is inside them that makes them want to drink even if they know that it will hurt them and the people that they claim to love?

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Aug 12

In my experience. There are alot of things bottled up inside. Drinking alcohol makes me scape that inner reality and battles inside me. Sometimes I will be happy. Sometimes I feel super depressed of just how my childhood was and bad things in life and how I wish things were different.

If he is harboring childhood or other feelings that he can not confide with you. Ask him? Have a open mind. Remember that many go thru many things! I hope this helps. However if he becomes enraged it is not a good sign. He needs to talk about what really is eating him up inside and be prepared for the truth.

Aug 12

Thank you for your help, I'm willing to try anything

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Aug 12

I remain convinced that alcohol is an evil spirit in a bottle! The proof is in the statistics that it does no good! If I had my way it would be banded. When is it enough! Drunk drivers, rapists, domestic violence, suicides the list goes on! You described it's effects so well, was exactly what I saw in my father when he drank and did drugs. What a nightmare to overcome. If he won't stop what are his consequences? There needs to be one! Please get some counselling for yourself!
Wishing you all the best.
Hugs and prayers hun


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