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Hi everyone on new years day i got three month of sobriety a


Hi everyone on new years day i got three month of sobriety and got a coin for it it been a okay day but now I'm worried and have a fear on see my parents this spring cuz i last time before i admitted i was powerless against alcohol like i did in aa i drink a beer there and drank whisky at my parents and on the airplanes last year and i don't want that i now were they hid the liquors so i want this year i want not to blow my sobriety so I'm call tomorrow to tell them i come on the fall and for them to hid the liquors from me that all i got to say i got aa tomorrow morning so i sorry that i haven't been on but I'm leaving it up to my higher power to help me have a great year and night everyone.

Jan 10

Congrats thefro28!
That's a big deal ..
There's AA meetings everywhere around this great country of ours, so look up AA where ever it is your going, and try to arrange going to a meeting or two .. If you don't have wheels, call the 24 hr AA hotline, and they usually can send another alcoholic to pick you up and take you to a meeting

Best of luck


Jan 13

WOW!!! Three months of sobriety! What an accomplishment! I applaud you for staying so strong! AA is such a great place. Irish Fighter is right...there are AA meetings everywhere, 7 days a week, day and night. You might want to consider going to meetings when you visit your parents. It is so smart of you to let them know ahead of time and ask them to keep any alcohol from you. You can also tell those who are serving on the plane not to offer you any alcoholic beverages. Let people help you! It might also be a good idea to talk to your sponsor at home about a plan and about communicating when you go visit your parents. You will feel stronger and more prepared. Stay strong! I applaud you for taking this step for YOU. You will be in my prayers.


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