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Hi everyone it a cool day today just so glad to be sober I'm

Hi everyone it a cool day today just so glad to be sober I'm thinking about how far i came from drinking now i don't crave a drink though my dad didn't not hide the liquor i had no Temptations after the first night now just got this month till i have a year but just know i still have not mastered my drinking i have to tell my self that i never will the flight home was good was not happy with the airplane i was on but talked to my sponsor every day i was on my trip and kim it good i have people to call that are sober well later everyone

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Sep 9

So happy for and proud of you! What do you feel are the best words of wisdom you have for your success in your sobriety? For me, it is keeping the Lord first and staying in the Word, along with the steps. How about you?

Sep 11

@SuZQ154 ah talking to my sponsor and staying in places that alcohol not allowed like the place i live at also not shutting the door on my past and talking to kim

Sep 12

All the hard work is done, you made the decision to change and stay sober. Keep your word to yourself, it will mean so much I promise.


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