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Hi everyone I'm now 23 months sober now ah just being to cut

Hi everyone I'm now 23 months sober now ah just being to cut ties with the club that maybe racist and prejudice still do the 12 10 that I do but last week on Saturday I did my first retreat it was good and been going on Friday to Milwaukee to live meeting they are good went last night and almost to two years sober I'm happy with all the work I have been doing later everyone

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Sep 10

@Irishfighter oh my goodness Irish, that's all wonderful news!! I hope you can see me jumping up and down and clapping!! Lol...I knew your 30yr was coming up sometime soon...sorry we missed it! I am so proud of you for your continued conviction and perseverance and helping to lead others down that glorious road!!
Also wonderful news about being 5yrs in remission!! God is SO good to us when we continue to believe and have faith!!
Keep us posted on the skin cancer...good on your for keeping on top of things!
I am doing good, thanks for asking! I have been blessed enough to have been able to keep working thru the current situation ... I've been working 60 and 70 hour work weeks for the past two months so when I say I'm running on fumes some days, I truly mean it! All I have off anymore is one Saturday a month and Sundays...but that's ok, I do better when I'm overly busy. Idle has never been good for me...too much time leads the mind down dark roads. I know you know all about that!
Sending hugs your way brother. Keep in touch!

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Sep 15

Thank you Mechele!!
You better slow down girl!!
It's always great to read your posts!!
Gods been good to me, and you, and a lot of sober and active alcoholics and drug addicts for many years!!!

Keep the faith


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Sep 25

Congratulations! Keep fighting the good fight!


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