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Hi everyone, I'm having a hard time cutting alcohol out of

Hi everyone,
I'm having a hard time cutting alcohol out of my life. There's times were I have really good self control and other days were I completely don't like last night. I haven't learned my lesson and because of that I have become so angry with myself.

Jan 14

Your not alone .. stopping all together eventually was the only answer, but I tried every trick in the book to continue to drink and control my drinking .. a woman I met a long time ago said to me, " if your trying to control your drinking, your already out of control" .. makes sence to me.
i was 29 when I stopped drinking .. to me, I felt I was to young to have to stop at that age .. but I did, after 10 yrs of trying unsuccessfully to stop .. best move I ever made! ..
hang in there ..


Jan 15

Have you sought out counseling to help you address the route of your drinking problem? So many of us look at the alcohol as the problem and so we think if we overcome the drink we overcome the problem. Unfortunately, for most of us the drink is only a symptom of the root of our pain. We drink to forget, to fit in, or to simply feel euphoric for a moment. But truth and lasting happiness is only found when we look into the face of our inadequacies and call them by name. I found in my life that as long as I attempted to pretend or redirect my pain I was in a cycle of confusion. When I finally stopped and sought out help, I found freedom and my purpose. I am now a Christian and I would like to share the resource that helped me. Focusonthefamily.com has so many amazing articles. I read so many on way to wellness and they also have a line you can call to connect you to a counselor near you, 1-855-382-5433. I certainly didn't want to face my fears but when I did life began to fall into place. Prayers for you on your journey to wellness.

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