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Hi everyone, I'm an alcoholic. I have been sober since 01/03


Hi everyone, I'm an alcoholic. I have been sober since 01/03/2018! I was looking for the writing center and clicked on the wrong feed and stumbled here. I believe that it happened for a reason because I've been searching for some support. I'm glad there is an outlet where we can freely post and get advice as needed. Sometimes just the simplest words of support can help in a situation. I just wanted to say hi!

Round3's picture
Nov 8

Congratulations on your sobriety! I'm an addict and clean since March 13, 2017. It's important to say that every once in a while to remember where we've been and where we never want to go to again. Thanks for saying Hi.

Nov 8

@Round3....yes! It is good to say sometimes. Its a great self reassurance. Congratulations on your sobriety as well!


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