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Hi everyone I'm 8 months sober now just working on my fourth


Hi everyone I'm 8 months sober now just working on my fourth step fifth step the day going doing hard work well at a Meeting take time on my day had a Prejudice scene this monday don't know if she a racist lady but took that pause and told my therapist and friends about it. Well night everyone

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Jun 12

@SuZQ154 I'm alright just celebrated my 33 birthday so you know went to a aa meeting meditation had some tempting ideas about street drugs but know it my ego talking to me not going back to drugs

Jun 13

congrats on the 8 months. I been clean many years and the only thing I got right all the time was staying clean one day at a time. I made many mistakes along the way but have sen many people not accumulate 8 months. Whatever happens today you need to be very proud of that. Sharing here and being honest is the best path. Honesty in general yields the best results and for me i learned more thru my mistakes then I did with my successes as the mistakes led me to the successes. Congrats again!

Jun 17

Happy birthday and congratulations! One day at a choice at a time. So proud of you!


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