Hey I came home yesterday and my husband had been watching a

Hey I came home yesterday and my husband had been watching all three of our kids and he had had 5 peroni's asleep on the sofa with youngest and the other three outside playing on our shared grass area within our neighbourhood which is safe.
But even so I was pissed as it was still early afternoon and the night before he had drank 7 bottles. So far this week I counted he has had 34 units and that's not counting the weekend. He's had issues before and he stopped drinking completely for 6 months, I am always nagging him and he gets angry with me.
I've told him to pick two night a week and only buy a four pack, as any alcohol in the house is simply drank.
He feels after a hard day's work he's earnt a drink, but it's happened so many times where 2 cans turns into 4 and four turns into 8 and then it's 8 every night. I work late three nights a week and he has the kids, it's not good for them to see him drinking so much and I do wonder how often he is pissed and you can see his behaviour changes. The kids get spoilt with sweets etc so he can sit and drink.
Even my ex has noticed he drinks a lot and is concerned about it in front of his son.

I don't know what to do, as he is still managing to work and function there's little help for him and he doesn't see his drinking ad a problem anyway.

What do I do? I hate hate hate clearing up cans and bottles ALL the time!
Why can he not see it's a huge problem and he has a heart condition already!

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Sep 16

It looks like the advice you are getting is right on. I have been there. Find an Al-non meeting and go. You will learn so much about alchololism and that seriously they have got to want to change or it's not going to happen. It is your choice to stay with him if he wont get some help. Al-non gives you ways to deal if you choose to stay. The classes for the kids are great and they would really benefit. It is an addiction that blinds you to what is important, what is right, what is moral, what is proper. You can learn to draw some healthy boundaries for yourself and your children. I understand.....it is a very difficult situation. Hang in there. I will keep you in prayer.

Sep 17

@Irishfighter Hey buddy, sounds like your still doing well.

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Sep 19

@ WarrenvilleBill .....yup, still doing ok, thanks! ...I played golf yesterday with 3 friends ...1 guy was 42 yrs sober, another 37 yrs , my brother who's 10 yrs, and myself, 27 ...let me tell you, the 4 of us should not be alive, and sober..it's a miracle...the stories these 3 guys have, if told to non alcoholics, they wouldn't believe there stories :)
The funny thing is, we all had 1 day sober, 1 week sober, 1 month sober, etc....this quitting drinking is so possible ...I know for myself, if I wanted any type of long term sobriety, I needed other people's help to make that come true ....I wish everyone much luck and success in there journey to quit drinking, and a better and more healthy lifestyle!



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