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Hey everyone, i started developing alcoholism tendencies ove

Hey everyone, i started developing alcoholism tendencies over a year ago after i broke up with my ex, it was a very toxic relationship but since then my life has just been getting worse as time passes by, a few months after the break up i started using different kinds of drugs such as marihuana, cocaine and mdma, i was raped at a party where i had a black out and mild memory los and last weekend i almost got abused and now i have dropped college, i am 20 and live with my sister and i never had anyone to care about me (and neither do i now) and i have been feeling pretty lonely lately. I finally took the decition to stop going out on weekends with people i barely know but the problema is that staying at home makes me sick, i really want to do something to help myself get out from this dark place i set my mind into, but don't know how, and also i don't have the money to pay for profesional help. This is why i am here and i want to thank whoever took the time to read this and is going through the same or is just here to support others, if you need help please know i Will always beup to listen to you and try to give you my best advices.

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Aug 14

I want to thank all of you for taking the time to share your experiences and alternatives on how to get out of this with me, i really appreciate the fact that you took the time to put yourselves on my place and show some empathy, i didn't really thought i would get any responses at all but Reading all of your messages now that i was about to go to another mental breakdown really gave me hope and made me feel mucho better, it's such a nice feeling to know that there's people outta here that's also fighting as i am to get my **** together and i really hope you can also have either a small or huge progress with your situations son, i wish you the best in life and i want to let you know that i wonn't ever stop being thankful nough with God or the Destiny for putting such nice people in my life at the worst moments, love y'all <3

Aug 14

You sound like a kind and thoughtful person, and you are reaching out for help! Both are wonderful! Please know there is HOPE! When I was in college, I had a very hard time. Please keep fighting back! Have you considered counseling or joining a church or other support groups. Both helped me tremendously. Christian counseling gave me a safe place to vent and cry and understand that my past doe not have to define my future. I learned new strategies like telling myself, "You are loved, lovable, and worthy!" Fatih and good support brought me through that hard, hard time. We want to help you through too! You are loved, lovable, and worthy!

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Aug 14

@hydrocodone sending you giant hugs today honey!! God is good all the time and has put all of us in your life for a reason!! Love you too!Keep posting, it will help you heal()


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