Hey all, My name is Craig and I had to decide that I am an a

Hey all, My name is Craig and I had to decide that I am an alcoholic because of my actions in hiding bottles to avoid confrontation. The results of hiding stuff are that my wife was going to file divorce paperwork the next day. She still met the lawyer and has the paperwork, but it isn't filed yet. However she is living in the other 1/2 of the house now, totally separate.

I have 5 days sober. I have no access to alcohol and don't want access to alcohol in the house. I have done recovery for other issues in a previous life using the AA steps. I quit smoking cigars (up to 6 a day) cold turkey. I am wanting to be able to quit alcohol cold turkey as well.

And I know there are issues around my needing to hide stuff that I need to work on. My first step Monday is to do a walk-in or three and get evaluated to hopefully start Intensive Outpatient Treatment. I kinda like working and making money and don't want to lose that opportunity if I have to do inpatient treatment.

I'm holding onto to sanity by my fingernails....
And straining to be civil.

any thoughts are appreciated,

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Mar 19, 2017

Just a thought .... Change your routines. Easier to break bad habits. Kind of like always had a cigarette when I had my morning coffee, then take a walk in the morning instead of drinking coffee and reading the paper. You get the concept, just change things around.

Mar 21, 2017

Congratulations Craig! I think that's fantastic that you're working on quitting. I've hid bottles from my kids. I know it's important to maintain a job. I know there are some evening time intensive outpatient programs available so maybe you could do both. Good luck and I will pray for you. I'm about 36 hours sober.

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Mar 21, 2017

@Darla68 congrats on 36 hours Darla and welcome to the site!! Every minute you stay sober counts! Hope you stop in often for support!


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