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Hey all! Looking to make some changes in my life. I enjoy


Hey all!
Looking to make some changes in my life.
I enjoy my drink.
I drink at least twice. Week after soccer. 3 beers in parking lot. But my issue is no stop button. So I’ll come home and half half a bottle of wine or more. So there is that a few times a week.

In regards to weekend drinking... depends what’s going on. I Have a baby so we don’t go out. I sit drink if I’m alone with him, never do that! But when we have guests or go to friends I drink and get drunk. SOMETIMES the next day I do the whole “ hair of the dogs back “ or what ever it’s called.

At work I deal with clients and schmooze. So that’s a beer at lunch or two maybe once a week.

Most definitely not an alcoholic, but I have an abuse problem.

How do I gain more will power to stop after 4 drinks?

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Aug 14

@Pdiz Only you can prevent forest fires


Aug 14

@Pdiz .. thats great you quit for 40 days during lent .. is it becoming harder to stop now versus stopping back during lent? ..


Aug 14

Glad you are posting! It sounds like you want to change and are looking for direction? That's great! I heard recently, "Nothing changes, if nothing changes." What do you believe should change?

Sometimes I know what I believe should change but I am stubborn and will NOT change. However, I have had some success with "HALT". When I have an urge to do a behavior I believe is wrong, I ask, "Are you H-hungry? A-angry? L-lonely? or T-tired?" Sometimes, I need to eat, call a friend, read my Bible, pray, take a nap, or exercise, rather than do what I know I should not. Hope this helps and please keep posting!


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