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hello everyone. im a drinker. been so for some years now, fo

hello everyone. im a drinker. been so for some years now, following the occasional breaks and relapses over time the excessive use of alcohol has proved a quite difficult situation to manage as it has affected and is affecting my life, reducing my overall productivity and mental energy. i have been addicted to painkillers and sedatives in the past, but was able to renounce them with pure force of will and meditation practice. Alcohol however is different. i hope the support of other substance abusers will go a long way in this journey for me. Thank you.

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mechele's picture
Oct 4

Hello and welcome! Glad you have found us and hope you stop in often for support.
I had good luck by using exercise to distract me from drinking. Get moving, find hobbies you like that make you feel good. Staying physically active helps so much!

Oct 9

Welcome and glad you are here. There is HOPE! We understand and are here to support one another. Exercise, pray, sleep, and Biblical counseling and fellowship have been key for me. Have you considered Celebrate Recovery, a 12 step program for different addictions, which is usually run out of a church? It is very helpful to understand addiction and recovery. Hope this helps and again, so glad you are here!!

Bloodstone2020's picture
Oct 9

Just joined too. Will power and meditation also helps me break away from drinking but then I slowly slide from no drinking, to a little, to a lot. I may try and suggest to you some form of therapy. Best wishes.


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