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hello everyone I would like feedback on dealing with a perso


hello everyone I would like feedback on dealing with a person that is actively using alcohol and feels that it is not a problem. however every time they drink they cause trouble and on several occasions is asked to leave.

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Jun 13

thank you all for the comments

Jun 18

Depending on how close this person is to you will maybe decide how involved you want to get with this person. The best help i had for an alcoholic spouse was Al-anon. The meetings are great for helping you learn how to deal with an alcoholic who wants to get help and one who doesnt. They can teach you the ins and outs of the disease and how to handle life situations. My spouse did not agree that he had a problem and I eventually left him because of the mental, emotional and verbal abuse for me and my children. Also, if you are close to this person, you may have developed some co-dependent traits. I did some counseling for this problem and also received much help for dealing with my alcoholic spouse. Co-dependents anonymous is a great organization. Many churches offer these groups. Wishing you all the best.....

Jun 20

@hightop I was 16 when I went to my first AA meeting so I can relate to the age thing. It wasn't a problem for me tho. All the older AA's were very helpful and supportive of me. I ended up choosing a sponsor who was 60 years old because he was so serious about staying sober. Hope everything goes well for you.


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