Hello All....looking for a place to talk about my problems w

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Hello All....looking for a place to talk about my problems with alcohol. I am pretty sure I have been intoxicated to some degree almost every night for the past three years. I was caregiving for family members when this began.They have since died. I have always been a heavy drinker since my college years but nothing like this. I am also dealing with complicated grief and PTSD. I have a therapist who knows some of this story but not all of it. I am considering opening up to her and also attending an AA group or reading some of the literature that … This is my step in that direction

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Sep 20

I can relate in the drinking I can relate. Is not healthy. It is problematic root inside us that the alcohol allow us to forget. However it destroys us physically. Solution is to acknowledge the root of why you drink. Begin a healing process internally and occupy yourself with a positive atmosphere that will bring you to a happier feel of life with the poison of alcohol.

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Nov 9

Thank you all for your support. I am still stuck in the I know it's a problem and maybe I can do this on my own phase. I do have a therapist so most days I feel pretty good about my drinking but it's when the grief sets in that I lose it. I lost my mom, spouse and MIL in pretty rapid succession over the past year or so. I was the primary care giver for Mom and spouse and I am still making sense out of what has happened that brought me to this point. I am aiming for more good days than bad days and that seems to be working for now. I am really doing this one day at a time.

Nov 14

I believe you can do it yourself. Hell, if that doesn't work then seek outside help.


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