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Fell of the wagon after 6 months sober. Been kicking myself


Fell of the wagon after 6 months sober. Been kicking myself all week. Ruined my weekend. Starting over again.

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Sep 14

@kerst1 I also have bipolar and other diagnoses . Are you on Meds ? I ask because they don't work well when mixed with alcohol

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Sep 14

I am of an age where I grew up listening to Love line with Dr. Drew every night. He and a lot of addiction therapists say that relapse is a PART of recovery and as long as you learn from it, what triggered you, what you were feeling, and how to avoid the same thing in the future it can actually help more than hurt. Keep it up, and remember it is not a moral failing, it is part of a disease. Would you beat yourself up so much if you had beat cancer and then were rediagnosed? Of course not! I'm proud of you for even going 6 months, thats more then I've been able to do in over a decade.

Sep 15

@jdonna25 Oh, yes. I take 300 milligrams of Neurontin 3 times a day, 100 milligrams of Lamictal 2 times a day, and 100 milligrams of Seriquil at bedtime. I did sleep well that night, but the morning was rough. THANK YOU all for your support.


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