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Backed out of BF wedding and lost a friend. Been friends wit

Backed out of BF wedding and lost a friend. Been friends with her for 15 years. As I look back, I am not sure why as it was always about her, her drama, her whatever. Rarely did she support or ask how I was doing. The drama has been crazy since she met her fiance. She rags on him to me all the time to the point that she didn't want to marry him. I agree with her, he isn't right for her at all; but I will support whatever she needs. Then **** went south when at their engagement party he grabbed my ***; then another time we were all skinnydipping in the dark and he grabbed by bikini bottoms and pulled them off without my consent (mortifying). I finally had to tell my BF about it and he actually said it was my fault. When she asked me to be her bridesmaid, I should have said no right there. I truly didn't think the wedding would ever happen. For the past week I have been really struggling with my feelings, boundaries and values about being at the wedding. Last night, I told her I had to back out and I was sorry and I understood that we won't be friends anymore. I was one of the hardest decisions of my life...yet today I feel relieved that her, her problems are gone. It was such a toxic relationship - from the booze to the actual friendship (if I could call it that). Today I feel free...booze free and friend free.

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Sep 12

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