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Anybody have anything they can share around an ex who is a n

Anybody have anything they can share around an ex who is a narcissist and sex addict and alcoholic all at the same time? I'm still trying to heal from my relationship with him. according to his mom, I'm the only woman he has ever made an emotional connection with (not even with her). He has bed probably almost 500 women and he's just short of 29 years old. I still feel so much emotional pain when I think about him being with other women sexually, yet he was doing all the while we were together.

CKBlossom's picture
May 18, 2017

I am sure you are sad, but he has issues, count yourself lucky that he isn't your issue anymore.

XanaX's picture
May 18, 2017

Sorry to say I think you one of his victims.

May 18, 2017

Perfectly said
I feel like a victim
But the spell he has cast is deep and strong


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