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2 months sober and now going through a miscarriage. I'm read

2 months sober and now going through a miscarriage. I'm ready to flip out & drink but I'm trying so hard not to.... I dont want to go to a meeting cuz dealing with this loss of my baby I dont want to be around anyone. Pray for me please.

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Dec 1


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Dec 1

@KaseyCarrillo84 Great! Now I'm really happy I asked. Peace

1 hour ago

I am so sorry for your loss!! It is so hard, I know! Some things that will help you dealing with your great loss are the following: vitamin shops will have them all too: Progesterone cream or oil will balance your hormones which have gone thru a lot with the sudden drop in them. Also, taking a good multi vitamin that has magnesium and B Complex will help with rest, mood and energy. Also Ginseng is great to get rid of sticky negative thoughts that loop. Get outside even tho you don't feel like it, it will help. join in person support group too, it is needed. You are in my prayers, and I know it's hard but you are strong. God bless!


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