I quit drinking last March. Recently all I want is a 6 pack

I quit drinking last March. Recently all I want is a 6 pack to unwind after being the only parent supporting my son.

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Jan 20

Hey Catmom2 .. that's a great achievement to stay off booze for that long! .. I thought of drinking often in my first 2-3 yrs.
there's nothing wrong with thinking of drinking, the key is, don't drink no matter what .. I had to be honest with myself about where the drinking will eventually lead me. Nothing good comes out of drinking if you're an alcoholic .. I recently had a fleeting thought of having a 6 pack of Heineken in a convenient store. Then I started to say to myself, after I finish the 6 pack, can I trust I won't go drive out to get another? .. the answer is, no, I can't trust myself .. my drinking history has proven to me over and over, that booze always wins .. I hope your able to get some free time for yourself, sometime soon!
Never give up!


Jan 21

@Irishfighter thanks for the reach out! It's nice to know I'm not alone about that same feeling.


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