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Hi everyone what a day i feel for a girl who smokes weed and

Hi everyone what a day i feel for a girl who smokes weed and drinks but my feelings for her hurt but i realized that was my ego trying to let me take my work that I worked for go in flames but I'm going to pray for her also not give up on love i sleep on it if I'm going to advance on the girl but i think it won't work.night everyone

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Oct 12

@Bloodstone2020 I TOTALLY agree with that. I've always been a very curious person - very curious about people and why they do what they do. I've had friedns who have been into substances (especailly in college) turn out just fine and I've known others who are already dead because of it. There has to be a spectrum. My drug of choice has always been food - I can't handle it, certain foods are a slipperly slope to me. But, alcohol is no issue. I'll have a bottle of wine in my house so long unopened it needs to get thrown away lol but you put some candy or a cake in my house and I'll eat the whole thing like a starving bear because I can't help myself. I've seen people be healthy with foods.. eat half the piece of cake on their plate, say "no" to dessert and I'm like wtf I can't do that. It's the same with alcohol and weed. You can do a glass or two.. no problem, no further thoughts. Weed, idk as much about. I'd say those people who get it out once ever-so-often. But, maybe you can 1-2 week or 1 a day. I'm not sure. I'm actually very interested to know better about it.

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Oct 12

@HildaBeast Well human behavior and addictions are fascinating. And so many resources out there to dig into if you really want spend some time. BTW I just posted a response to your last post in the other group. Peace

Oct 12

@Bloodstone2020 Always fascinating. I don't think I will ever have enough of it - wondering about it, studying it, being confused by it.


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