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Hi everyone I'm kinda sleepy today but sober no longer havin

Hi everyone I'm kinda sleepy today but sober no longer having using dreams they stopped since i got rid of that number i had really just chilling today it a slow day but I'm going to a meeting tomorrow morning and at night if i miss the morning one but doing my homework tonight and send it to two people like last night my sponsor asked me to send it to him cuz he not doing it so the sponsee trying to help out the sponsor but i like my sponsor so tho i miss him i know he'll be back soon so later everyone and we talk about my ex girlfriend manda how she liked something i posted on Facebook and my ego wanted to talk to her but i haven't yet still no talking to she Happy so it best we don't talk.

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Jan 17

It sounds like you are working hard to make your sobriety work, keep up the great work!


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