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Hi everyone I'm happy to report that I'm 15 months sober sob

Hi everyone I'm happy to report that I'm 15 months sober sobriety rocks but ive been having using dreams about pill popping and more hardcore drugs cuz if i move out i have so much freedom but I'm going tp meeting when i move out also just chilling I'm my room listening to music but think it going to be a good year. Had a brief conversation with one of my ex girlfriend she was still self centered so i blocked her cuz it just was a mistake I made talking to her so new year new me night everyone.

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Rdan's picture
Jan 2

@Marathemoabite You're out of the rhythm of your usual routine, what do you normally do to keep in balance ... go to your happy place - mentally.

Marathemoabite's picture
Jan 6

Honestly i do not think i have one. Whenever i am anxious or stressed, i just go through it or sleep but that may be the depression. I have tried to find outlets but no luck.

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Jan 8

I'm so proud of you, sending love and strength


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