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Hi everyone I'm happy to report that I'm 15 months sober sob

Hi everyone I'm happy to report that I'm 15 months sober sobriety rocks but ive been having using dreams about pill popping and more hardcore drugs cuz if i move out i have so much freedom but I'm going tp meeting when i move out also just chilling I'm my room listening to music but think it going to be a good year. Had a brief conversation with one of my ex girlfriend she was still self centered so i blocked her cuz it just was a mistake I made talking to her so new year new me night everyone.

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Jan 12

Congratulations! Sounds like you are staying strong for the most part, yet struggling a little because you are no longer in a relationship. Truly, I believe when we are "healthy" and right with the Lord, we will attract, and be attracted, to healthy people. It sounds wise to avoid your ex. Are you involved in any counseling, Bible studies, or small groups? They helped me find my current husband, who is a much better match for me than my ex. I encourage you to keep doing what you are doing and continue in your sobriety!! Blessings and prayers to you today!!

Jan 13

@SuZQ154. No i don't do bible stuff i believe in God as my higher power and i talk walk and read with my friend kim so i just have a tattoo that many people just don't understand so church is not my thing but I'm so glad to be sober and helping out my sponsor to eventually he come home from his trip but we talk on the phone so that good.

Jan 16

It sounds like you are doing a lot to stay strong and sober! That's wonderful!

I understand what you are saying about church. Believing in God and Jesus does not require church attendance or reading the Bible, although they do help me keep my faith strong and alive.

Having a personal relationship with Christ is my testimony to living life "well" now. I did not understand what a personal relationship was until I was in my 40's. ( I am 61 now.) I thought I was a Christian and went to church, and even taught in Catholic schools. My divorce caused me to hit "rock bottom." Through encouragement from friends and the Holy Spirit, I surrendered to this "Jesus". I turned my life over to Christ 18 years ago, and I know it was the best decision of my life.

Hope this serves as encouragement to you! Blessings and prayers to you today.


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