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Happy December 1 everyone I'm 14 months sober so my day was

Happy December 1 everyone I'm 14 months sober so my day was good went to aa tonight big book reading chapter 3 more about alcoholism so i read said my stuff about my higher power who has seen all my relapsing day but since I'm going to be moving into my own apartment Next year sometime I'm going to use this and as to keep me from relapse so it been a hard week one of my a friend i know struggling with her meds also my true intentions about my crush where discovered yesterday at the six meeting so just going to call it a night later everyone oh year December 3 make it 21 years my mom been gone so I'll see how i act. night

norseduncan's picture
17 hours ago

good for you on the sobriety! how are you doing?

17 hours ago

I'm okay just got fear and freaked out

17 hours ago

hello, over 8 months, i have not been in this website


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