How do I get away from a narcissistic person with my pride a


How do I get away from a narcissistic person with my pride and my dignity how do I not allow him to lure me back in like he always does how do I say no? See I told him tonight that I tried to purposely break us up so that he would leave me alone and all I'm asking is for him to leave me alone and he just doesn't hear me. I think I'm going to have to get a restraining order. What do you think? My final Ki delema.
I went and got new tires today it was a Christmas present from my 16 year old And somewhere in the middle of me being super busy locating tires my boyfriend decided that he wanted to FaceTime me, call me, ask me to call him, was it an emergency? no! did he ever tell me what the hell was so f****** important that he had to just blow my phone up at that moment when I was busy? no! all I get when I get home is a drunken fool someone who is upset because they asked me to call them and when I was no longer busy an hour and a half later I did . Don't forget the world revolves around them right? I've walked away a million times but this time it doesn't feel any different I'm not going back because I see how selfish someone can be. Over The last year I chose things that were more important to me than life itself. I chose him over my own life when he asked me to give him a baby, which I failed to do because... well my body just is not made to do that I guess. I chose him over my child, I chose him over my husband, I chose him over my grandmother and my friends. I chose him over myself worth and my value my vindication to life and even work related I always chose him. Made me late, I hope they'll understand. Some of them did not. What do I have to show for it? Nothing! nothing but heartache, I've sacrificed a so much to keep this toxic relationship a float,
Starting with my heart that just didn't have anything left in it but you insist on taking everything you could squeeze out of it. Because I didn't call you back in a decent time? Was it an emergency? no it was because you wanted to check up on me. You couldn't just understand that I was busy ? you wanted me to just drop everything I was doing and answer the phone even though I was using my phone.? you asked me to call you back and I did. Whether it was an hour later, or 5 minutes later when I was no longer busy I'd give you a call and I did. You telling me that you don't feel loved by me is the most ridiculous thing I've heard you say I've sacrificed so much to be with you and you've done nothing for me. I'm not walking away I'm running. And your manipulation that you used to lure me back in isn't going to work because I will always have this website to remind me of how horrible the last year really has been. You wonder why everyone left you now I see why. You tell me that you need me you're crazy about me I just think you're crazy and you need some help but what do I know right? Should I take it to the extreme and get a restraining order do you think that there's any way I can move on from this? Or am I hopeless?

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Jan 31

@Maskoff77 thank you, and I will.

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Feb 10

KikiGi No, you don't need a restraining order. You need to stop sending him mixed signals. He knows you're not serious. As long as you keep returning his calls, seeing him in any way, and even calling him your boyfriend keeps the relationship going. You should make the tough decisions and stick with them; he'll get the message even if he's a narc. It's totally hard to get out of a relationship. There's a grieving process. It takes time to establish a new normal for yourself. Follow thru with what you say, and in time you will be emotionally out and ready to establish a new you.

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Feb 14

I agree with have to be TOUGH and STICK to it. Saying NO then sometimes answering, sometimes ignoring, etc. is mixed signals and they actually like that, you're making the game more fun for them. NO contact means NOOOOO contact at all, no form, no exceptions. If you get a RO, you must stick with that, too, or you are definitely game. Love yourself more. Know you are worth it. Don't give a second thought to what he "thinks" about it, that's where we all got into YOU and move on. Best of luck, you deserve peace but you must seek it. Hugs.


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