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It has been a while since I have been on here. Going through

It has been a while since I have been on here. Going through a divorce with a Narcissist woman who cheated and lied for some time before she was caught. And because I caught her with written and picture evidence she was pissed and has made this divorce a joke and a living hell.
Every day I am questions my whole life with her and think the only true and positive thing to come out of the years of lies and deception are my three wonderful kids. Even then knowing it was not my fault I feel like less of a human being, like a piece of trash that she has not only discarded but that she is disgusted by finding. 20 years I spent raising a family thinking I was a good husband and father only to find she resented me and wanted to be single and free to drink and party. Yes she peruses me into the marriage. Now if I have to talk to her about anything g she says it’s because I am obsessed with her.
I truly just want to move I. With my life but I feel like I have been shattered into pieces and I don’t know how to put them back together

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Mar 27

I was married to a narcissistic woman and I feel what you are going through. Forget her, your conversation with her should only be about your kids.

Mar 27

Focus on taking care of yourself and the children. It will take time but you will regain your self esteem.

Mar 28

Sorry you had this happen in your marriage and that you are experiencing a wide range of emotions. Affairs hurt - your trust has been betrayed. Most people expect that marriage vows be kept. You have a right to feel hurt. Have you talked to a counselor or Pastor about your marriage? They can pray with you (very important), give you encouragement and help you figure out how to proceed.
Pray that you can view your wife and marriage in a grace-filled way. Seek to forgive both your wife's actions and your own actions. Look to the counselor/Pastor to help you find any underlying reasons why this happened in your marriage. Look for any signs that your marriage can be reconciled. This will be hard - but you can do this! God Bless!


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