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Thank you @Ducktape for sharing a little about yourself, Yo

Thank you @Ducktape for sharing a little about yourself, Your motto is perfection. Best-SG

_1.__What is your idea of perfect support? (To receive different perspectives from people and choose the one that best fits my situation.)
__2.__What brought you to Supportgroups.com (Researching Narcissism.)
__3.__What is the one thing that helps you best handle the life or health issue you are dealing with? (Patience.)
__4.__What is something you are working on to better yourself? (Objectivity.)
__5.__Which (living or dead) person do you most admire? (Henry David Thoreau.)
__6.__What is your greatest extravagance in terms of mental or physical health? (Dopamine stimulation by Nicotine)
__7.__When and where were you happiest? (Age 4 and Santa Claus had visited.)
__8.__If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? (Over sensitivity)
__9.__What is your most treasured possession? (A relationship with God.)
__10.__What is your motto? "When in doubt, push delete."

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Jan 17

You came across just fine. Posts are very easy to misread. We don't have tonality or body language, just words. The spamming is a concern by most everyone. It makes it difficult to follow a thread, if it is not the actual spam, it's the spam that was removed so the member doesn't follow a natural flow. On another site, they require you to do 5 posts before they turn you loose. That eliminates some of the problem. I understand this is happening on a lot of sites, so I think it's a problem for just about everyone. @jdd, send your suggestions to SG, directly. I saw my first computer in College so I'm not a hot bed of knowledge in regards to devices and the Net.

a_survivor's picture
Jan 18

@pickone :
WHOA! i didn't know that!! no wonder i didn't see any "Moderators" and SG seemed a tad different, but i couldn't put my finger on it... i too burnt out and left before they crashed. I came back as of lately outta curiosity!! i sure hope the new owners can keep up with the drama/trauma of SG! the old SG sure was a P.I.T.A and two of the best posters burned out and left! matter of fact, i still keep in touch with the other great poster via email as we are now special friends although she's long gone. good thing i bookmarked our threads for re-posting now that i dropped in to chime in for the noobs here!

...not sure how long i'll hang out... we'll see...

btw: the contact info still holds for the owners although when reporting spam/trolls email got the results albeit being what it was... they still have a few hiccups they need to iron out.

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Jan 18

@Erebosprowl We block them as fast as we can, please keep flagging them or e-mail us at info@supportgroups.com. Best-SG


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