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I am really depressed. Not drinking has made me realize how

I am really depressed. Not drinking has made me realize how much life sucks. If my life isn't better in a year I'm drinking.

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Apr 15

Hang in there! You made it through the first week. Habits take a long time to break. I never thought I would be able to go a full week at one point in my life. Now, I am so grateful the my addiction does not control, dictate, consume my life. The "Fake it to you make it!" saying was one I had to live by for awhile. It gets better. Finding the Lord was my true turning point but I am so thankful for 12 step programs. There is no denying it is HARD! There were relapses and sad points, but I encourage you to persevere. It is worth it and so are YOU!

angrypoet123's picture
Apr 15

Lol I'm two weeks now.

Apr 15

If you want to stop drinking you have to find you one reason for living and focus on that


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