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How do you reach a depressed person? My good friend has gone

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How do you reach a depressed person? My good friend has gone radio silent, and I know him well enough to know that when he does this it means that he’s depressed or going through something. He’s not good at talking about his feelings to a friend of the opposite sex really..just from my perception. I don’t know if he feels ashamed, less of a man or what..he’s usually really talkative, texting me various things etc. This week however, he’s been very distant. He won’t admit anything is bothering him, but I know better. He will say he’s fine, etc etc..he’s far from fine. All he is doing is sleeping all day, drinking alcohol and smoking etc..I’m worried but not much I can do..he is known to go dark. I know this epidemic is difficult emotionally on people and he’s unemployed right now..he has a history of depression. I told him I’m here if he wants to talk, and left it at that..but I’m worried

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May 22

Ok I understand. I don’t really hear from him unless I text him, and then he is sleeping so he isn’t very responsive.

May 23

I have a friend who was diagnosed with depression and she is somewhat similar to your friend. She chooses to be silent most of the time and that makes me worried. I text her everyday to say hello and I send her words of encouragement. I text her about anything just to let her know that she’s not alone. Sometimes she would reply but most of the time she’s not. I try to understand her that she wants to spend time by herself. I pray that she can talk to someone she can trust and will not isolate herself.

Just like my friend, maybe your friend wants to be alone. You are a good friend and you care for him. I pray that he is doing fine. Just message him everyday if you can to check on him. Or talk to him about anything to let him know that there’s someone who cares for him. Thank you for sharing. Let us know if you were able to communicate with him. God bless.

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May 23

@Yankeegirl71 he's just in a spot where is isn't wanting to talk to anyone the majority of the time. you're being a good friend though, just know that


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