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New to this site... just need to vent. Quick background on m

New to this site... just need to vent. Quick background on myself I'm an adult child of an alcoholic & within this past year learned that my husband is also an alcoholic. Been going to al-anon for a long time now so that's something but god **** my PTSD from growing up with my alcoholic abusive father is absolutely horrible.. the nightmares prevent me from sleeping so I don't sleep and only do once my body shuts down and forces it. My husband WAS in the military up until recently so I was receiving good care advice far as a psychiatrist & psychologist but after 3 rounds of in patient alcohol rehab they kicked him out so we're screwed on insurance.. I'm working with my job to see if they will allow me to enroll in benefits cuz I know it's after the certain enrollment period but I need insurance.. now residing in IL I can apply for medical cannabis.. the absolute only thing that helps with my flashbacks and nightmares and such, I have full documentation from my previous medical team about my condition and cannot wait to receive the medicene I greatly need. I was put on every SSRI and Everthing else **** made me suicidal as hell and insane. Ugh sorry for the rant just need to put this out there, doubt anyone will see this and care

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Sep 13

I care. Even though I have no idea of who you are. I understand the pain and how screwed up life can be. I understand the military and sometimes think they add to addictions; alcohol, porn etc... Anyway, at least one person hears you. And if my experience turns out to be yours, people here do care and reach out. And do not apologize for posting. EVER!

Sep 14

Thanks it means alot


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