I'm unraveling. Yesterday to cope with my stress I drank a b

I'm unraveling. Yesterday to cope with my stress I drank a bottle of wine and smoked weed. I showed up to work today an hour late, then at lunch I fell asleep in my car for two hours, people were looking for me the entire time. I'm stressed and i'm trying so hard but I feel like I just set myself back. I left for the day and i'm working from home the rest of the day, i'm just feeling so much pain.

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Oct 13

So no prob?

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Oct 13

@MichaelH if you said that in any NA or AA room, you would see 80% of the people smile. What you say sounds familiar to all of us. That being said, only you know the truth and when the time is right, I suspect you will choose to make some changes. That time is just not now and that's ok.

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Oct 14

Romans8, I read a lot very good suggestions on this thread. My favorite that works for me, always, I mean always, is Blueberries ' suggestion of body first.
Yes, great that you are going to therapy for PTSD. For sure there is work to be done daily in order to maintain your focus and keep climbing up and out of whatever is hijacking you.
Like it's been mentioned already, some days you are going to get overwhelmed and go for a quick fix, like wine and weed. Don't beat yourself up for it. If you are Not Addicted and just doing this Every Once in a While. I don't see a problem. Just don't get so drunk you pose a threat to yourself and others, right?

Going back to Body first, if there is something that you can do to focus on your body, easy to hard. From getting a massage to going for a run or to the gym. Going for a nice walk in the park. It is a body/mind thing, and sometimes the body has to take the lead. You do know that if you go running or swimming, those calming endorphins start kicking in. Get yourself exhausted and have a six pack of nonalcohol beer at the end of your execise and have hot bath, watch some comedy and call it a night. Take some Valerian root or melatonin, you research something natural and safe that will help you sleep soundly. I am in the Insomniac group; and getting a good night's sleep only comes after covering all my other issues of the day. As a matter of fact, I'm going to follow these last little bits of advice next time I really want to feel better and not get chemically high and go to sleep. I tell you, I was doing super great until I twisted my Knee playing tennis 6 weeks ago and haven't been able to play tennis or get to the gym. Body first...if you already working on your mind and are actively working to get a hold of that, focuse on your body. I'll ask the same: makes sense? Best wishes. Peace

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