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I desperately need advice. My 17 year old daughter is an

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I desperately need advice.

My 17 year old daughter is an addict. She has admitted to alcohol, Xanax, mushrooms, lsd and ecstasy. As near as I can tell, she keeps going back to Xanax, ecstasy and mushrooms. I've caught her stealing and selling stuff to get money. She lies about where she is getting it. She keeps saying she finds it in her room but I found her setting up buys on her phone.

She needs help, and says she needs help but when I take her to counseling, she doesn't open up to the counselor at all.

Since she is still 17, can I admit her? Will it do any good if she doesn't participate? Will Kaiser insurance (HMO) cover inpatient care? Will supplemental health insurance cover inpatient care?

I'm desperate.

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Jul 31

@goodboy how is she doing? How are things going?? I’ll pray for her

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Aug 3

@Annairbua she just turned 18 this past Friday. I'm really scared for her. She is giving my attitude. I feel like I will be forced to kick her out. I just want what is best for her, but she rejects everything.

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Aug 4

@goodboy facing your demons is a terrifying thing sometimes. Easier to go along with them than fighting.


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