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So glad I found this site! I’ve been struggling a lot late

So glad I found this site! I’ve been struggling a lot lately, trying to understand how I’m feeling and why. In all honesty- I don’t feel anything. Unless you count empty. My husband is getting real tired of my drinking. I don’t want to use my bpd as an excuse but my impulse control is non existent and can easily explain why I have a hard time NOT drinking. Turns out, I’m not alone. But does that knowledge help? A little... not really...

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Mar 13

I also have bpd and I believe that is the reason why started to drink heavily ( self- medicate ). Been sober before for 2 years and now 3 months. I feel much healthier and with help from meds and therapy I have learned some self control techniques. I know that empty feeling all to well. Alcohol is a depressant.

Mar 14

I think that knowledge does help. Knowing the things that present risks, because we are prone to not be in control of them, can help us toward taking preventative action - like working on impulse control or getting help with sobriety. Are you getting any help with meds and/or therapy/AA?

Mar 16

Hi, it can be so hard.....but I applaud you for posting and asking for support. That's a great step and shows you want to get a handle on the struggle. Alcoholics Anonymous is an awesome support group, 24/7, someone always ready to help you. They are everywhere. Your husband loves you and wants you to be okay. You might want to consider working with a therapist and having him involved so you both know the best way to handle the issues that come up for you. You are worth doing whatever you can to feel better, to have more control, to feel like you are directing your path rather than feeling controlled by something. Stay strong and know there is help. You are not alone!


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