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I wanted to post something positive. I felt overwhelmed, jud

I wanted to post something positive. I felt overwhelmed, judged and found wanting, like a failure, and like I would never improve. It really made it harder not to drink and to believe in myself. Today I did a body scan (closing your eyes and taking a moment to check over how your body feels and where). It allowed me to realize some of these overwhelmed feelings were not because I am a failure/need to try harder/and am weak. It was because of allergies. I decided to try to scan for how I felt and where more regularly so I don’t allow a physical ailment to become a life setback. Can anyone else relate to being physically sick and feeling like it was an emotional/psych emergency? How do you deal/prevent that from spiraling?

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Jul 8

@Well-thathappened i do that when I can't sleep. Start at the top of my head and end at my toes (if I make it that far). I also envision my stress trickling out of my fingers and toes.

Jul 11

Hope you were able to stay strong and sober. Tough when you are surrounded by alcohol. Been sober tor 4 months. Have not gone out to dinner where alcohol is served. Limits where we can go.


Thank you


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