Hi. My fiancee passed out on the couch. He sleep walks and p


Hi. My fiancee passed out on the couch. He sleep walks and pill takes. He thought I took his pill. Then the verbal abuse. I am an alcoholic 11 days sober but here is hell. My heart broke. He was out of it took the. Pill then blamed me for stealing because he thought i took it. 11 long days......no help on his end.we are both addicts. I've been sober from alcohol 11 days. We live in his parents house. His mom has alcohol everywhere. My fiancee chooses pills over passion. What the hell is the point of all this pain ?

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Sorry to hear about your situation. I would recommend you take the AA ideas and go with them with all the effort you can. I don't envy your situation but it gets better. I can't imagine picking up a drink now under any circumstances and have zero desire to do so. If the advice you hear at AA sounds like okay but what does that have to do with not drinking, I felt the same way but am glad I took them seriously. Good to hear you have 11 days, I know while I was drinking 11 days sounded like a really long time to not drink, and when you first get sober it can feel like a really long time.
BTW, they have online AA meetings too.

Aug 7

@Benny7 thank you.

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Aug 12

The point is he is not your husband just a fiance'. Find someone that will bring harmony , peace and love into your environment. Give the ring back if you have one and move on. Otherwise it seems you will be living in a more dangerous environment if you decide to stay with him.


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