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I'm gradually overcoming most of my problems, and I feel so

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I'm gradually overcoming most of my problems, and I feel so impelled to share my aids in order to help someone out there. Though sincerely speaking sometimes I have occasional relapse, but I can tell you such a relapse is gradually fading away with time.
And here is my lesson today that got me going:
“BY SKILLFUL direction you will carry on your war,”
Skill, not just good intentions, is needed to win a battle.
Certainly, if depressed or suffering anxiety, you do not want inadvertently to cause yourself to feel worse. For instance, a 1984 study of depressed persons found that some tried to cope with their depression by ‘taking anger out on other people, reducing tension by drinking more, (I can admit I did a lot of that) eating more, and taking more tranquilizing drugs.’ The result: “more depression and physical symptoms.”
Some depressed persons fail to seek skillful direction because of their fear of being viewed as mentally weak. Yet, major depression is a sign neither of mental weakness nor of some other failure. Research indicates that this severe disorder may exist when there is a certain chemical malfunction in the brain. Since a physical illness may cause this, if you have been severely depressed for longer than two weeks, a medical examination may be advisable. If no physical illness is found to be contributing to the problem, often the disorder can be improved by adjusting the thinking pattern along with some help from appropriate medication or nutrients.* Winning the fight against depression does not mean that you will never have a depressed mood again. Sadness is a part of life. Yet, skillfully directing your blows will help you deal with depression better.
Stay cool till next time
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Sep 13


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Sep 13

Well written, clear, informational....."Gold" for those alcoholics who can appreciate the rational,approach. Life is up and down like the waves on the ocean. Many alcoholics expect things to end, finish, and don't realize life is an ongoing work in progress or may think their alcoholism, depression or social dysfunction is unique... well I guess it is for them if they have never experienced the benefits of support groups, AA , private professional help etc. So many want to "fight" and don't realize fighters get tired and weaken... an alternative is to ACCEPT the state they are in and to move forward by working WITH it.....We all have our opinions, knowledge base, and preferences, but most key is if one of these posts works for even ONE sufferer.... then everything is worthy. Peace

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Sep 14

@WizdmSkr, thank you for your beautiful comment, I totally agree with you - life is up and down and rational approach to it is simply the best. Whatever life throws at you catch it and step on it to elevate yourself, and whatever life takes away from you simply let it go and live for the moment. Life is like driving on a bad road, if you hit a bad spot and you keep looking at the rear mirror to see what you already hit and jumped you will certainly hit another, but if you focused on your front and drive-on you will be able to avoid other bad spots and keep going in peace. I believe that 20 percent of life is what happened to us and the other 80 is how we react to it.
Stay happy and let peace have its full course.


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