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my panic and agoraphobia have been really bad the past coupl

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my panic and agoraphobia have been really bad the past couple of months,im getting to dependent on my partner and they feel like a hostage,we have been together for almost 15 years sometimes my agoraphobia lets me go places and sometimes i have to fight,ive never been so scared of my partner going to work or running their regular routine before im so scared that they are tired of me and that everyone hates me.

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Jul 18

Baby steps are okay to start. : ) You're trying and also recognising what you need to do to improve yourself.

Aug 11

Are you aware of what happened a couple of months ago that caused symptoms to become more intense?

Aug 22

I have been thinking about going out driving also. Nono,ace in particular just get out and drive and sit somewhere in my vehicle.


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